Why do you need my IP address?
This is for additional security so that only people from within your company building can login under your account.

What type of IP address do I have?
Before we can set up your online account, we need to determine if you have a Static or Dynamic IP address.
A static IP address will always remain the same whereas a dynamic IP address will change every day. 

On your PC, click the start menu(Alternatively press Windows Key + R) and search for 'Command Prompt'. Once opened, type ipconfig /all
This will pull through a list of connections for your system. Look for line 'DHCP Enabled:' - make a note of the result either 'Yes' or 'No'.
If this says 'Yes' this means you have a Dynamic IP address. IF YES, PLEASE CALL US ON +44(0)1709 530600 to go through some additional steps. If the result is No,proceed to next step